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Custom Training

Effective training rarely can be selected from a menu or catalogue. Identifying opportunities for capability development in people is a process that requires input from employees, managers and executives. By coupling the organizational issues with the employee development strategy, gaps in the organizations people be identified.

Engagements are developed custom and are typically deployed over a 6 to 12 month span and involve all levels of the organization.

Training topics will vary based on the gaps and may include:

- Lean and Effective Work
- Standardization
- Identifying Value
- Strategy Deployment
- Knowledge Transfer

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EPCL's Productivity Training implementations are a full one year in duration and between 150 and 200 hrs. in length. They are intense and focused, designed to affect change at the cultural level. This training program not only offers valuable productivity skills, it works to change the paradigm of how the attendee "sees" work. By building a new way of thinking, EPCL establishes a solid foundation by which to build systems and tools upon.

The Enterprise Productivity Training Program below is a custom combination of course modules designed to achieve maximum results on a case by case basis. Please contact us to inquire and get a Proposal specific to your corporate knowledge gap.

Who Should Attend: All Levels of Employees
Desired Outcomes: Increase productivity, introduce new process, foster innovation, and develop leadership
Delivery Method: Blended (Classroom, workshop, self-directed)
Type of Learning: Upskilling or Upgrading
Credentials Awarded: Proprietary Certificate
Duration: 185 hrs
Cost: $6,720 (includes textbooks and other learning materials)
Dates Offered: 2017 - 2019

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- Lean 101: An Introduction to What is Possible
- Standardize: Going Beyond Best Practices
- Value Stream Mapping: Revealing Waste Using Customer Value
- Strategy Deployment: Focusing on People and Processes
- CRM 101: An Introduction to Customer Relationship Management
- Knowledge Transfer: Organize, Capture, Create and Distribute
- Lean Management: Purpose, then Process, Then People in Eliminating Waste
- Lean 201: Lean Practicum
- A3 Process: The Heart of Lean Management
- KPI: Key Performance Indicators in a Lean Transformation
- 10x Performance: Leveraging Strengths and GTD for Greater Productivity