We base our company on a set of 4 core values

Integrity: We adhere to a moral code of always doing what is right. We judge what is right by a very simple test. If you were 6 years old and asked if what you were doing was right or wrong, how would you answer? By maintaining integrity in everything we do we develop better relationships with our clients.

Honesty: We are truthful. We are sincere. We can be trusted with our work and our word. We admit failures. We celebrate successes. We don’t play the deception game and we don’t beat around the bush. Being honest enables us to maintain our integrity. Being honest ensures our clients always know exactly how we feel about things and enables them to be honest with us. A relationship bated on honesty is the best relationship to have.

Candidness: We call a spade a spade. We say things like we see it. We don’t sugar coat things. We feel that we can best serve our clients by being as candid and honest as possible. Sometimes this may be taken as rude, but we feel that being candid is the only way to develop a real relationship with our clients.

Long lasting relationships: Our core values of integrity, honest and candidness all feed the desire to develop long lasting relationships with our clients. We like to know more about our clients. We like to talk about the things we do outside of the office. We like to listen to our clients stories. Our relationships with our clients are the most important thing to us.